Thursday, October 6, 2011

Group Dining Made Easy!!!

Dearest Friends, Family, Acquaintances, people I have never met :) , people in Chicago, people in New York or elsewhere:

Ever heard of Yes? No?
Well if you have or you haven't, you should definitely give it a look and try it out! launched in Chicago in March and there are more and more great restaurants joining! is a website that gives members access to exclusive dining experiences pre-negotiated group rates. There are all different restaurants on the website like; Ditka’s, Catch 35, MK, Sunda, Quartino, Aja, and 312, just to name a few...It can be great for a parties of 2 to 200 and if there isn't time available at the place you want to go for the amount of people you want to dine with- DON'T WORRY- their concierge will help and find room for you!

With the holidays coming up, what a great way to get your office together or set up a party with friends where you are all saving a little money, the menu is already set up for you(something you can view ahead of time on the site) and taking the hassle out of dealing with the bill when it comes- no need for that- you pre-paid online INCLUDING tax and gratuity! Like wine? Some restaurants are even offering wine parings with dinner! There are no coupons; no voucher you have to bring in, it is all taken care of online before you even walk in the door.

Don't delay- SIGN UP TODAY!

For those of you in NYC, hold tight! They will be launching in your area soon.

Questions? Just ask!


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