Saturday, October 9, 2010

Been stressed lately??

STRESS is inevitable and everyone gets stressed at some point. I tell ya- living in a big city like New York- it’s not always easy! Whether it’s a bad train ride, bad hair day (hate that!), bad day at work, BILLS, bad break up, or even having mice (yes I have had and OMG it’s not fun); we all go through it. People also deal with stress in very different ways. There is NOTHING fun about being stressed but if you can find ways to overcome the issues, these things WILL get better :) I handle stress in many ways. Some work better than others, but I decided to write this posting to recommend new things you can do that can help to alleviate some of the stress you have.

1. SPA NIGHT! Who doesn’t love spa night at home?? One thing I highly recommend is Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal face mask- my ladies from Chicago and NYC- we did this after my birthday party last year and YOU LOVED IT. You can buy this product online or in any origins store and you have to try this stuff. It is a black face (kind of scary looking when it’s on) mask that is made up of active charcoal that acts as a magnet to pull bad toxin out of your skin. Living in a city there is so much dirt in the air! It feels great and leaves your skin feeling softer and brighter and doing this face mask always makes me feel better. This is a MUST HAVE!

Clear Improvement®

2. YOGA!!!! This could go for men or women. Yoga is a great stress reliever. Yes some parts of yoga are weird for some people but in that one or two hour session- it’s AMAZING how it can make you feel. Now some of you may not do yoga because of the cost and there are a LOT of places that can cost $20-$30 a session. Don’t worry people, there are places you may not know about that DO cost less! I would suggest looking into it at your gym first if you belong to one- a lot of gyms don’t charge you extra for classes so if that is your gym- take advantage! If you don’t belong to a gym and would be interested in trying yoga for an affordable cost, I found a place for you….Yoga to the People is a donation-based yoga studio located in the East Village that asks for a $10 donation per class but they let you pay what you can afford. If you can’t afford $10, you can contribute what you can. It’s a GREAT idea and a great way for you to try it and go without the hassle of the high costs that other places charge, adding to MORE stress and aggravation and that is what we are trying to avoid, right!?!?!?!?

3. POTTERY!!!! Pottery is a great activity that can also help you relieve some stress by getting your mind off everything and using your creativity! Color Me Mine is a ‘paint -it yourself’ ceramic pottery store with hundreds of different pieces to choose from. There are locations all over the US for those of you who do not live in New York or Chicago so check out the site. You can grab a few ladies, a guy, or even go alone and spend hours painting pottery. They also have specials during the week like “ladies night,” were ladies get 50% off the studio fee on Thursday nights between 6-9pm. You should definitely check this place out!!!

Color Me Mine

4. COOK!!! I love to cook. It is a MAJOR stress reliever for me. I think it is so much fun and gets me to try new things. If you don’t cook or do cook, go online and pick out a new recipe you think you may like and try it out  Yes you may not get it the first time but when you do- there are so many things you can try! Not interested in cooking? BAKE! Who doesn’t love sweets? Mix up a batch of yummy cupcakes or cookies. Not sure where to find a good recipe?? There are LOTS of different sites you can check out. If not, you can even get a great recipe for cookies off the back of a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the baking section of the grocery store. Yes I may be blonde but this girl can cook! I will be posting recipes on this blog site soon…………………………………….

5. MOVIE NIGHT!???? You may not think this could work but it does! Rent a good movie, grab fattening popcorn, candy and veg out on the couch to a good flick. I suggest catching up on all the Molly Ringwald classics: Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club are some of her best! Ever heard of the Blockbuster Boxes?? They are located in Duane Reade throughout the city and each movie cost a BUCK!! Maybe this is why blockbuster is now bankrupt??? It’s a great deal and they have tons of movies available. If you want to see what each box has, check it out on their website by using your zip code and locating the Duane Reade closest to you.

Life is not easy. Everyone as a lot going on and there also never seems to be enough hours in a day. If you can find time for yourself, try one of these ideas. I promise you, it will help! I am sure you may have already had some of these ideas in mind or already do these things, but if not I hope you consider....Have any questions- just ask :) 


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  1. Let's try out all of these tips next month and drink lots and lots of wine while doing it!