Tuesday, September 28, 2010


WOW-I cannot believe I am actually making a blog! I never thought I would get myself into one of these but what the heck!

I am a 25 year-old single female living in one of the biggest cities in the world- NEW YORK CITY! I have been here for what feels like my whole life but in actuality- 6 years. I went to school at The Fashion Institute of Technology thinking to myself'-" I want to be just like Rachel Ross from Friends," to later discover- I would rather shop for myself than for someone else! "FIT" which we later learned to call it was quite an adventure. Moving here as an 18-year old girl from Chicago, I quickly discovered that it is not easy being here alone with no family and the only people you know are the people on the floor in which you live. IT'S TOUGH….I would have to say that being able to do that- was one of my biggest accomplishments of my whole life. Now I am 25, live with two roommates, and try and deal with what all of us deal with- LIFE!

The more I experience, the more I realize about myself and things around me. I want to share the things I know about this city on this blog. From eating at cool restaurants, going to new bars, seeking out new hot spots, cooking a delicious new dish, finding out things about this city some people may not know, to appreciating the finer things in life (WINE!), I think this is worth a blog. I never said I was an expert- but this Blonde (yes I am referring to myself in third person), knows quite a bit. You do not need to spend your whole life in a city to know everything about it; it’s all in the experiences you choose to get your hands on.

 If you have questions, just ask, but follow along with me because this has only begun :)

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